Alliance for Psychoanalytic Thought

Who we are

The Alliance for Psychoanalytic Thought (aPt) brings together a diverse group of people who share an interest in applying psychoanalytic ideas to explore and address a variety of interpersonal, social, and cultural needs. We believe that the psychoanalytic perspective is a meaningful vehicle for understanding families, parenting, education, art, literature, politics, cultural differences, and many aspects of work, play and relationships.

We seek to build and strengthen ties between the psychoanalytic community and the community at large.  aPt programs foster continuing dialogue and in-depth discussions on contemporary issues, with attention to the subjective experience of individuals, families, and groups.

aPt Objectives

  1. A lively exchange of ideas with those who share our interest in psychoanalytic thought.
  2. Collaborating with community groups to create programs that explore and increase understanding of their goals and challenges.
  3. Promoting discussion about conflict and conflict resolution in both interpersonal relations and the relations between people and cultures.
  4. Supporting interdisciplinary programs about applied classical and contemporary psychoanalytic thought.


aPt events sometimes offer continuing education credits. If you wish to attend an event for credit, you will be charged a fee. By becoming a Community Member of PCOP at the $200 level you may attend all aPt events for credit at no additional cost, and will gain access to PCOP’s other continuing education programs at a reduced fee or no additional cost. You may also join as a Community Member at the $100 level for Basic Benefits and admission to PCOP programs (CE/CME not included). Visit the Membership page for more information about becoming a member.

Programs Overview
Program Schedule